Tuesday, November 4, 2008


  • We started moving today....remind me, why we are moving again....twice?

  • Moving is my number one least favorite thing to do...who brought all their junk to our house and left it for us to pack? And why does it look so much like the stuff we just had to have?

  • Love took off her diaper yesterday right next to the toilet and proceeded to urinate me a nice little puddle. I did give her praise for it...we are NOT in the potty training mode at all yet...so, my first reaction when I realized what she had done was "Oooh Nooo!" And yes, I did actually sniff the puddle to confirm the contents....not smart. It reminds me of us mothers...how we think we smell something funky, and then we lift those little hineys up right in front of our noses and take a big whiff....why do we do that? Have you ever had a false positive? Not me...my best advice is if you think its poop...well, then it is poop...no need in going there.

  • Hope has been saying some really funny stuff lately and I have forgotten most of it....but some of the words she is using.... coffee-ing you (means copying you), Mary had a little lamb who lived inside a stone (not fleece is white as snow), while being a cop she told me I had the paternity to break the law....(opportunity?), she's moved on from Halloween now- thanks to the big ToysRUs flyer, she's ready for Christmas...and she wants a monster truck...are you really surprised?

  • I am re-reading Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore....have I told you lately that I love her? I have the pretty 90 Day Devotional Book too...super fantastic stuff!

  • Sharing some Beth and blanket time.

  • There are only about 50 days until Christmas, can't wait...while moving boxes our little Christmas Pinocchio kept singing to us and our tree triming box popped open...I love the whole season of Christmas, it is such a special time.

  • But, I love Thanksgiving too...

  • Does anyone else get a little nervous during an address change? We have lost so much mail in our past moves...we opened a PO Box until our house is built...which they appear to be in no big hurry. Not impatient, just stating facts.

  • Our TV blew up yesterday out of the blue...would y'all be disappointed to know I am sad...I lost my weather and my music channel and I want my, I want my, I want my HGTV (anyone else hear Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" in their head? Totally dating myself here I know.)

  • I love to hear kids laugh....makes my heart smile....Hunter tickling Love below
  • I don't know if I can stomach watching the votes roll in for president. I am blessed that my TV went out.
  • Ok, no pressure or anything but I am hoping and praying for even bigger news the following day...the 5th would be a great day to hear great news...dontcha think? And if no news comes...well, we'll just keep praying for a special blessing :)
  • Remember this post, well, my flying lessons must have flew south for the winter...they are out the window....I am back to living in CHAOS.
  • Big Daddy and Hunter went hunting this weekend...both got a deer...Hunter's was bigger. He is a pretty good shot too. My dad smoked deer and hog and then finished it between two ovens, our house and theirs. I am seriously nauseated by the smell...shoooo-weee, food never smelled so wrong...the flies won't even come in with the door wide open. It is that bad...but it doesn't taste as bad as it smells...but who can even get past it? Well, Big Daddy and Hope can, that's who...they ate it for breakfast.

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shaley said...

Hey girl im glad your back im addicted to checking your blog, along with beths (beth moore that is), ya know our personal friend. Im so glad the kids have neighborhood friends, thats so sweet that little boy calls Kylie the little girl with black hair. I LOVE Kyndalls hair, she looks older and sweeter. It makes her hair look way thicker and healthier too. The bangs are cute too. What are yall doin Monday? I got a bunch of gift cards at our housewarming party so cassie and i will probably be shopping next week and mabe we can come see your new casa.

Love yall, shaley