Monday, November 3, 2008

Because It Matters...

Baby Bella

I have been following the trip of Love Without Boundaries to Hefei, China. They are on a medical mission to administer care and life changing surgeries to the orphans of China. These particular children are close to my heart. They all have the same diagnosis as our Love. A vascular anomaly, dealing specifically on this trip with hemangiomas. We happen to have a very precious young lady in our family named Bella, our niece. And when I read the last post on the LWB blog it broke my heart. There is a precious baby also named Bella who went to be with the Lord yesterday evening. I will rejoice that she is in heaven and completely healed. I praise Him in knowing every detail of her life and being the only Father she will ever know....and although I am human and sad for what she did not have, a family here on Earth....she is blessed beyond measure to be safe in His arms. So, while I don't know this sweet baby girl, I know many like her and her life is worth being remembered, her life mattered. I don't know if you know but the meaning of the name "Bella" in most languages is "Beautiful"...and I know while she was here many probably did not see that physically in her but, trust this, she is restored and healed now more beautiful than even we can, we will meet in heaven precious, beautiful Bella:)

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