Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking Flying Lessons...

Do you ever just so dislike the condition your home is in you don't even want to be there? Well, I find more and more that is my predicament. I have tried the "I just don't care, we have 4 kids" excuse...it doesn't make me wanna live here anymore than I did before I say it though. I have CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Oh sure, some of you have been over and been fooled into thinking our home is clean, clutter free and ready for a visit. But, you never looked in my drawers or under my cabinets. or in my closets..did you? No, seriously...did you? Then others of you...mostly family have witnessed the CHAOS and still entered at your own risk. I just want on the record, we don't have decaying food laying around or roaches randomly running around the house or even funky smells but I have had enough.....so I am taking flying lessons!

I am gonna fly myself right out of this cluttered, disorganized, can't find what I am looking for, toys everywhere, dishes in the sink house. If I could afford a professional organizer/declutterer or even a maid...I'd have done that already. I have tried enlisting my family...and they don't obey so well....or at least for extended periods of time. I am gonna change the only person I really have control over anyway....So, I am using my own elbow grease and some helpful organizational and cleaning tips from this gal....The Fly Lady:

Intrigued? Well, you too could be a fly baby with me....just go to http://www.flylady.net/. We could become fly ladies together, oh, a special bonding time :) She even encourages us not to expect full house changes for 9 months...now that is something we can probably manage to do. So I guess you could say my organizational/decluttering pregnancy begins today. Y'all no comments about me already "showing" this is just my Blue Bell figure....jealous? Off to shine my sink :0)

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Julie said...

I like those flying lessons already! I think I can give it 15 min. a day and then pamper myself!!
Aunt JuJu