Monday, August 11, 2008

Well....we had to dig....

We had a wonderfully exciting weekend. School clothes and shoe shopping for our two oldest kiddos...NOT!! I won't even go into exactly how much time we spent in Hollister....I believe Big Daddy said 52 minutes to be exact...not that he was counting or anything. He was outside the store (in the safe zone) with the two little ones and Hunter. Faith and I were knee deep in the trenches of the sale room. Oh, yes...they have one...and if you can dig deep enough, wide enough and long enough...your deals will be worth the time least to you. I think the hubby would have preferred full price and 15 minutes max. Poor Guy! He did take one for the team...I so owe him a tag along trip to Bass Pr0Shops or Cabellas. He wouldn't take my word for it that it was way worse inside the store with the blaring music and piles of clothes. My reasoning of having to dig through stuff didn't really help either. But I was speaking the truth. Anyway, hours later and most of our shopping completed, we had somewhere better to go.

We met up with my sil and bil Jan & Greg and my nephew and his wife Matt & Heather. Fun! Fun! Fun! Gosh I love those people!! We about ate her out of house and home...we were all famished when we got there from our mall walking...ha! We had a bevy of snacks to tide us over and then we all went out for BBQ...and those little stinkers picked up the tab ;0) They are too kind...and they totally identify with two teenagers back to school shopping. Bless them! You know there are some qualities I have tried to pick up from Aunt Jan. She is one of the most generous people I know. She always offers everything under the sun to us and then says and if we run out..."we'll go and get some more"....gotta love that...teaching me to be more hospitable. My kids feel completely comfortable with them as well. She also lets my kids make true and tried messes. I remember one time Hope was over her sink "washing dishes"(read...making a mess of soapy water on the counter, floor, chair, everywhere) and instead of freaking out...she just said how good of a job Hope was doing and how if we make a mess we'll just clean it up...just to have fun. She's been known to say...."there ain't nothing in here you can break that can't be replaced" I want that for my kids...I want it for myself. Miss Love took right to her. I had my stinkin' camera in the car and walked off and forgot it....I was too involved with my BBQ to think about it. I do think I have relaxed a ton with the two smaller kiddos and Big Daddy and I always talk about how she is with the kids and us...we just love her!! Oh, and Uncle Greg too!!

Heather and Matt will be jumping back on the baby train soon...Hope prays for them. That God would bring them a baby. We have been lifting them up and just know Heather will be an awesome Mommy. She is so gentle and kind and just a real sweetheart...Matt was really blessed with her. And Matt will make a great Daddy, no doubt. Jan and Greg are eager to be grandparents and they will be amazing. We are ready for God's timing and their timing to meet up. While they are on the baby break...Heather looks fabulous and Matt is working out like a fool.

We had such a good time. We just love them all so much! I wish we would have had more time...but that just gives a reason to load up and do it all over again ;0)

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