Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This little stinker right here is about to start....Pre-K. I went to register her today...I guess I thought if I held off to the last few days that all the spots would be taken. And being the good Mom that I am...I would have tried and it would have been the school's fault there was no spots for her. But, nooooo...there had to be a kid who just had to move and no longer was able to attend. Talk about lack of commitment...ha!

No, seriously. I am in need of help. I am asking for prayer, advice, even medication at this point. It gives me such anxiety to leave my precious little one in the hands of a person I know only as "Miss Linda". I know there are moms that jump for joy the day their child is old enough to go to any type of day care or preschool. I just am not one of them. I know she needs some separation. She is with me full time, all the time, every day and night. She has spent 2 nights away from me 3 years. I know, I know. It will be good for Love to have Mommy to herself sometimes too. But, Love already told me she's gonna miss Hope sooo much!

I have "built it up" for Hope. It will be so much fun, you will learn so much, you will make new friends, you will be around only kids your age. Sounds good to her. She has asked over and over and over "Are you sure my teacher is nice? Are you sure you'll remember to pick me up? Are you sure that I will have fun?" You don't think she is picking up on my ya?

Anyhow, that is where we stand...and Meet the Teacher...I won't be there...boohoo! Big Daddy will not only have Faith's soccer practice but he'll have Meet the Teacher...and have to purchase school shirts...argh! What if he gets the ones that are too small and tight or too big and long and she can't tuck it in without leaving a big bubble? Oh...for Pete's sake! I have already committed to Beth Moore and the original Meet the Teacher was on Thurs....that figures, but they moved it to accommodate more parents...stinkin' majority.

I do know next year when Hope attends Kindergarten....that she will be going 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. This will be good preparation for the separation. It will help ease our transition...avoid the cold turkey syndrome. She will be going Tues and Thurs from 9-2:30. She will be taking a "rest time" for an hour, by kiss on the cheek, no "I love you more than all the stars in the sky" no "Mommy, will you cover me up real tight". And she'll be bringing and eating her own lunch...away from us. Who will make sure her straw is punched into her little drink, or what if she wants more and is still hungry and what if she just doesn't feel like pb&j that day? I know....I need counseling...but she has been one of my main responsibilities thus far...and now I have to share her with "Miss Linda". This is just too much for one Mom to take. And yes...I would like some cheese with that whine ;0)

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