Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving and after...

Well, for Thanksgiving...

My 87 year old grandmother, MaMa, always cooks the meal. In the last few years she has "given up" more and more of the side dishes. This was most definitely her last turkey. Makes me sad. But, it will be a tradition I will gladly carry. So next year, that bird is all mine...what makes me think I can do it? Well, she's already agreed to stay the night next year and help me through it ;0)

So, we go to my Mom's for the BEST Thanksgiving I said, my grandma cooks it...y'all she is the real quick recipes, no gravy mixes, no store bought pies, everything is hot when she serves it too...she does it all...and oh, so well. So, we had a really good afternoon spent with family. My sister, her kiddos and her boyfriend and his kiddo, my family, my Mom and Dad and my two grandmas...Totsie and MaMa. It was laid back...we didn't get in any hurry just soaking it all up and appreciating the scenery...4 generations represented on both sides of my parents family...that is a pretty picture ;0)

We then went to Bambi's, Big Daddy's mother's, for more good food and family. We had coffee that was just too yummy! Unfortunately we had missed some of the family who left before we arrived...but Bambi and PawPaw were there, Aunt JuJu and her family, Aunt Jan and her family...including her son Mike from out of state!!, Aunt Kay, and then us.

I am sad to say that my camera maybe on her last leg...she took shotty pictures all day and the color and flash are off. I made a slide show...but you'll have to get through the blurry photos and off color....dern it!

I did get some really great news...remember my friend Kylie Jean and her husband's wedding back in July? Well...they found out they are expecting...what awesome news to be thankful for!! Congratulations guys...I love y'all!!

The day after Thanksgiving, Big Daddy was heading to W*lmart for a few big items...I decided I'd go along to help him (read...make sure he actually goes). Y'all, I am not even making this stuff was like what I picture a store looking like if there is ever a food and water was plum crazy. We stayed about 15 minutes and left...they didn't even have very many of anything good. I had to get my pastor's daughters and wife agree with me....This was the WORST it has ever been....y'all I needed some back up...Big Daddy was feeling misled. We returned home and slept.

Then Big Daddy, Hope and Hunter took off for the deer lease for the rest of the week and Love and I went shopping with my Mom. Faith went to my sister's to "hang". We, well I, reduced my list quite nicely. I marked quite a few completely off my "to do's". And, well, I had a productive 12 hours of shopping. And Love, she was a trooper, she is so easy going and fun! She smiled, sang, pushed buggies, entertained folks, waved at the people...she is little Miss Sunshine...she kept a smile on my mom's and my face all day...and laughter...she made us laugh so much. I enjoyed the time with them both so much. We ended, well almost, we had another stop after, our shopping with our yearly after Thanksgiving shopping spree meal at Olive G*rden. Love totally dug the new soup they reminds me of chicken and dumplings...mmmmm.

So, that is about all for now...I am drowning in a sea of laundry and may get the tree set up for when the other half of my family returns from hunting...maybe.

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