Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

Placing the lights...the girls were so excited...they even wanted to help with the boring parts.

Close up of the decorations
Our 3 girls helped decorate....every time Love placed an ornament she would exclaim..."Ta-Dah!"

Our tree became very bottom heavy, the girls put most of the ornaments on the very bottom branches. The little girls got the biggest kick out of touching the ornaments and rearranging them.All lit up

I am not sure what happens in the photos...if it is my camera or what...the tree definitely loses something in the photos. We have a "themed" tree. It is mostly snowmen/snowomen and snowflakes. We have stuffed animals from Christmases as far back as the year Hunter was born. I love the tree because it has all the ornaments the big kids have made in preschool and Kindergarten. It is so much fun to have another chance at seeing the magic of Christmas through little eyes. Always admiring all the lights and songs of the season. As for our tree, it is much more fabulous in person...or at least our girls think so :0)

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