Saturday, July 12, 2008


Kick flippin' kickflip up the curb
Ollie with friends
We totally have a sk8tr boy in our family...Hunter has been skating for about a year and a half. He is really good at it. It looks like it would be easy but trust me...Big Daddy and I have both tried it and we can't manage to even balance and go anywhere. Did you know when you skate the big deal is the "tricks" you can pull off? I had no idea...I just thought it probably got started as cheap transportation for the kids who can't drive. Oh, and cheap...yeah, skateboards are definitely not cheap...did you know they have to have trucks(the things that hold the wheels), bearings, grip tape, and the like on top of the actual board and wheels? Plus we have ramps and rails and they will jump over just about anything that will sit still. It is crazy!!

Anyway, this is so not the sport we had imagined for our Hunter...he does well with tennis, soccer, football, basketball...he is plenty capable of playing any one of these in school but he prefers skating....who are we to choose? He has amazing balance and core strength and is always outside skating and therefore not inside playing video games or watching TV...which I love. I had a preconceived notion about skater kids, and I have been proven wrong over and over. Skating opened up Hunter's world...he has more friends than our outgoing gal Faith does. Our house isn't complete without at least two of his friends over at all is crazy...but a good crazy. I am so proud of Hunter and his determination and dedication to a sport that he loves. He still yearns for the approval of his parents just like our girls...always saying "Mom, will you come watch this or Dad, check this out." I love it!!
I feel like sometimes he gets robbed the attention of the family because his sport isn't as organized as the others...there are no set times or places or "games" so to speak. He doesn't get the praise or recognition like the ones who play soccer or baseball or football may but it is getting better. Truth be told...that isn't what motivates him...he motivates himself...he is pushing himself to be better and knows if he stops skating for even a week his skills suffer...he is dedicated. He will watch youtube over and over on how to do a specific trick and work for hours trying to master it...and usually...he does pretty quickly. He is good...but he doesn't think so...there is always another trick, a higher ollie or a more "clean" landing.

Speaking of Hunter, he is an amazing kid. He has been so easy for us. He rarely back talks, is thoughtful, generous, and loving. He is one of the only kids I know that will want a hug every time he leaves...even if it is to go down the street and says "I love you" every single time...even on the phone or in front of his this kid!!
Here is a kickflip....he makes it look so easy!

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