Sunday, July 6, 2008

Super Sweet Wedding...

We went to our good friend Kylie and Marc's wedding on Saturday was the most fun I have had at a wedding in a long time. They had a very sweet ceremony and a wonderful reception. It was so relaxed. Love had a blast fact, we lost her once for about 3 minutes. I thought Big Daddy had her, he thought I had her....she was out on the dance floor...getting it, from what I was told. A friend brought her to me when he saw the sheer look of terror on my face....y'all I never lost one before we had 4. I still can't begin to understand how she got away so quick. She's got the rhythm in her...she can't help but boogie...ha! We are so happy for Kylie and Marc...Kylie was in our college Sunday school class at our old church and we love her so much and we know how much having a husband means to her....I asked Marc if he could believe that he was married to Kylie and he said, and I quote..."No, not really....she is a real gift" and y'all she really is!! We were able to catch up with our super good friends from our old church...loved every minute of it...gosh I miss those guys...terrific folks those people. Oh....there is a good news a brewing....not for sure yet...but I will share when we know something solid...praying about a wonderful opportunity to minister.... :)

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