Monday, August 25, 2008

Can I just say....


10,000 ladies to see Beth Moore
Beth with Shaley and I...heehee
Aunt JuJu....I know, not the best photo, but look how excited she was just to walk into the sanctuary :0)
Aunt JuJu and I Friday night
WOW!!! This weekend's event was completely amazing. I got to hang out with the ladies from Leaning Tree, share some time with my sil where we could actually talk and both hear and speak back uninterrupted. I got to catch up with my girl Shaley too. And it was wonderful and sweet and fun and it was good.

But, the best part was when Beth brought that amazing Word from the Lord that I had been praying for. I am telling was good. Even the little side humor in between the main points led me deeper in my walk. I don't know if you could understand what an encouragement Mrs. Moore is to me...even as she shares the stories of her own life or that of her family or fellow is encouraging to me to hear that women are completely on fire for the all circumstances and fighting the good fight all the while. She spoke on inheritance, and y'all I am an heir of God...and I have a beautiful inheritance. It resonates with me so much more now than before I had her guiding me through the Scriptures and breaking it all down. There are so many a-ha moments that I had I don't think I could even count them. I am so thankful for the time, the monetary means to get there, and the support of my husband. Who by the way had to deal with bronchitis from our middle daughter and take the two youngest to the doctor and had his first real go at profuse vomit and diarrhea from our youngest daughter, in a restaurant no less. He did fabulous and let me know what was going on but would always say..."I have it all under control...have is all ok"....ahhhh...that is my Superman. He even spoke my love language...I walked into a sparkling clean home...with laundry and mopping included...can y'all even understand how much this man of mine gets me??? :0)

I've wondered if I enter that worshipping an idol with Beth Moore...and I believe at some points I have to stop and think...yes, probably, and ask myself...why? She is an amazing vessel for the Lord...she brings isn't a "prewritten lecture" that she shares all over the is always a fresh Word of God..every event...that blew me away when I first learned of that. But I believe the woman puts herself completely out there for the Lord to use to bring women into His kingdom and those who are already heirs He uses her to bring us to a deeper relationship with Him. I know what it is about's Jesus...she leaves Him all over me when I read her books, do her Bible studies and attend her events. So, I guess it is true...she is someone I look up to...but if I really think about it...I don't think it is idol worship...I think I am loving and wanting the relationship she shares with Jesus. And what is most amazing about it is I CAN. Her quiet time isn't a quick 15-20 minute to do on a list...which mine has felt like before. She said something so profound but so simple at the same time....she said something among these lines, "Girls, (speaking to her daughters) If I leave you anything, if you learn anything from me....know that your relationship with the Lord is far more important than any ministry you might have." Have you ever felt like your ministry was so much that you didn't have time for your own relationship with Jesus, or just too wiped out to spend time with Him...I don't like to admit it but I have felt that way before. She is the real deal. She uses her gift of teaching so beautifully...she is fighting that beautiful fight. I have no doubt of the special anointing placed on her and her ministry. Bless her Lord.

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Anonymous said...

That trip was such a blessing to me! Im still thinking about everything we learned. I always have fun hanging out with you, and Cassie and I both really enjoyed Julie. Cassie got accepted into bsf so we'll be comin to see ya Monday the 8th!