Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the Games Begin....

Did you all watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics? Well, we did and we thought it was fantabulous!! Have you ever seen anything on such a large scale so synchronized? I can't imagine the training that took place for them to pull off such a flawless performance.

One of my favorite parts was with the children (big surprise)...I loved how they all came in carrying the flag and the part where they put the umbrellas up with the faces of all children.

When team USA entered it was incredible...there were so many of our athletes there to represent. It made think about how some of these competitors probably began competing or preparing to compete way back when they were Hope's age...a life long dream coming to fruition.

This Olympics are a bigger deal to me personally this year. China means so much to us as a family. It is where are two youngest were born. Hope spent 11 months in China and Love spent 20 months there. Our family would not be complete without The People's Republic of China allowing us the privilege of adopting our two beautiful girls.

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