Thursday, October 2, 2008

100 Things About Me...

Well, in honor of my recent 100th post...I am going to follow along with the others who paved the path before me and share 100 things about me, get's gonna be really good may want to take notes..or you may just want to skip this entry entirely :) I am going to share even the most basic stuff as some of you may know me well and others don't know me at all. And I really don't have 100 things that are interesting to list without them:)

  1. I am a stay at home mom.

  2. I didn't always want to be a stay at home mom.

  3. I wanted to be a registered dental hygienist since 4th grade, became one in 1992 and still renew my license, just in case we ever need it or the kids are all in school.

  4. It wasn't until my two oldest kids were entering public school from a Christian school that we decided I would stay home.

  5. It is my most favorite and most rewarding job.

  6. Even beats working at TCBY in high school and eating the "wrong" orders for free.

  7. I have 4 c-section, one "traditional", and two adopted from them all with my whole heart.

  8. I was saved when I was 9 or 10 at a church service with a friend in Elementary school...the tugging on my heart was so strong that I couldn't help but go down the aisle during an altar call.

  9. I did not grow up in church.

  10. I was baptized while I was pregnant with my second child, big pregnant.

  11. I married the love of my life.

  12. He was one man that I couldn't really control.

  13. Which drove me nuts, but I liked it.

  14. But, he was wild and crazy and fun and we had a few years that were really, really self indulgent and really rough.

  15. Because I spent those years trying to change everything that drew me to him in the first place. When I gave up, he is totally a God thing.

  16. He is loving, kind, gentle, sensitive and very much a man's man all rolled into one. He is quite a catch...but I caught him :) I don't deserve him. He is the most incredible Daddy. He would lay down his life for all 5 of us. He is a pastor. That is where is heart is...he naturally cares about people...not just the easy ones to love either. He loves them all. He doesn't serve on staff anywhere currently. But, he definitely is a servant.

  17. We've been married 16 years. Would love to say it has all been a bed or roses, but it hasn't. The longer we are married and the more mature spiritually we each become the better things get.

  18. I am his biggest cheerleader and his strongest critic...which is probably my very worst characteristic. I think I am being helpful when I should just shut my mouth. I am working on it...but it's hard...I think I know how to help...when I should just shut my mouth :)

  19. I've tried harder to be a better Mommy than wife...which is also a huge problem...I am working on that too. Poor guy...I told you he was a catch.

  20. I don't believe divorce will ever be an just isn't. And if that makes our marriage more enticing to steal, kill, and destroy...well, Satan go ahead and try...we have the Lord on our side. Neither one of us would begin to think we could have lasted without the Lord smack dab in the middle of our marriage...we are both too weak and too human to pretend we had the strength to get through it on our own.

  21. It took me quite a while to become pregnant with our son.

  22. It took one month with our daughter. I had the incredible idea of it took us x months to conceive our son so if we try now we will probably have her by the time Hunter is 2 1/2. Faith was born when Hunter was 15 months old....I know, I know pure brilliance on my part...I claim youth :)

  23. Hunter was a premature baby...born at 3.5 pounds, in the NICU for 9 weeks. He is all boy now and you'd never know he was so tiny to begin with. I stayed by his side. I quit my job to stay by his side from early til late. My husband would be at work around 5 or 6am and get off around 7:30pm then he'd drive to the hospital and we'd stay until Hunter's last feeding of the day...about 11pm. It almost killed Big Daddy.

  24. Faith completed our boy, one girl...we're done.

  25. Until I was a stay at home Mom with kids in school full time...then came Hope.

  26. We were Big Daddy thought...then came Love.

  27. I am not dumb enough at this point to say we are done...although it feels like we are...but, I've felt that way before.

  28. I prefer sweet to salty.

  29. My favorite ice cream is Cookies N Cream Blue Bell, the chunks of cookie that have the cream filling..frozen...delish!

  30. I have an indention in my right ear at the top...I used to tell people a dog bit me is really just how I was born...wanna know something even more weird...Big Daddy has one too...Do you think that is how God matched us up...kind of like the Memory game? Heehee.

  31. I love the thought of doing yoga or pilates...but that is as far as it has gotten.

  32. I wish I exercised regularly, or even irregularly.

  33. The playgrounds at fast food restaurants and doctor's offices gross me out. I can not stand them. But, they get to play on them with much soap and water afterwards and the spill...don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth without washing first.

  34. My favorite all time food is Mama's pizza with Creamy Italian dressing to dip in. I know it is probably related to my childhood memories.

  35. I love a good cup of coffee...but I am a cheap date...I prefer Folgers to all coffees. With the cheap powdered creamer and a ends up looking the color of caramel, but it is so good.

  36. Big Daddy and I drink coffee almost every night. We're bonding :) I love it when the air has a chill and we have a cup of coffee sitting on the back porch while the kids are playing in the backyard.

  37. I love Vera Wang is my most favorite...although I have had the same bottle for 2 years...I just don't wear it often. It messes with my lotion scent...which is B&B Works Cherry Blossom lately.

  38. I take hot baths as my escape...I don't get far because I have two little observers the entire time...seriously, sitting on step stools and the most chatty things, at least once a month, I am solo.

  39. I like to cook. I don't like to do it often. But I do. Our dinner is at 4:30 usually. My meal plans would be more exotic and possibly more tasty if I did not factor in money or fat.

  40. I don't like to bathe the least favorite time of the evening. Big Daddy usually steps up to the plate and saves me.

  41. I love to go to the movies, and order that huge vat of death, with butter and a coke - regular..not diet. I will even go alone. Haven't been to an adult movie in about a year.

  42. I have made many, many, many poor choices. Still make them. But, I try not to make the same poor choice twice, but sometimes I do, only to regret it.

  43. I like my ceilings painted the same color as my walls.

  44. I like the smell of Pine-Sol...Big Daddy despises it.

  45. I like Christian music and listen to Christian talk shows on the radio...but I am careful, sometimes I can't believe what is being spoken on Christian radio.

  46. When I was baptized, like I said, I wasn't really well "churched" and gave my pastor a full on hug, both arms, around his neck, facing him...while big and pregnant...gersh...I am so embarrassed. I totally only side arm hug now....where are the etiquette books for these types of things?

  47. I really like my suburban, other than the gas mileage, it fits my junk and my people :)

  48. I am finding the older I am the less I want to far as clutter. I think less is the new more for me.

  49. I dress mostly in black and brown. Say anything about my personality? Probably.

  50. I am 36. My worst birthday was when I turned 30. I knew it took me completely out of the hot "young" thing category, not that I was hot...just saying...I couldn't even enter the competition.

  51. I am so over that. My age doesn't bother me at all. My grey hair does a little..but it covers well.

  52. I was a super tanner back in my days in Jr High and High School. Sometimes twice in one day at different salons...especially before cheerleading try outs.

  53. I was a cheerleader.

  54. I don't really like my hair. I have learned to live with it. It is what it is.

  55. I have so much more to think about than my hair.

  56. You know the saying you hurt the ones you love the most...I can be that person, and its ugly.

  57. I am noticing this post has a bunch of sentences beginning with "I" is creeping me out.

  58. I don't like scary movies.

  59. I don't like really stupid- funny movies.

  60. I like typical chick flicks and witty funny and even drama.

  61. I own a lot of shoes...and I wear the same three or four pairs.

  62. Flip flops are by far my favorite, except in winter, then its slippers.

  63. My favorite candy is Milk Duds, Jr. Mints, and gummi bears.

  64. But not all at the same time.

  65. When I wake up in the middle of the night I have been known to watch a Dawson's Creek rerun...before it got too out there.

  66. I like to read blogs, especially adoption blogs, family blogs, and friend blogs.

  67. My favorite smell is coffee, freshly brewed, like Starbucks coffee, but I don't want to drink it.

  68. I have a ton of laundry...even when I am caught up, by the end of the night, outfits and towels are two more loads.

  69. I love fresh fruits...all kinds.

  70. I love fresh veggies...except rutabagas.

  71. I don't have much of a taste for meat but I am not a vegetarian.

  72. I like soups and one pot type of meals...down home...but my kids like separates.

  73. I like Silk soy milk better than regular milk.

  74. I feel like I have to tell myself no when it comes to volunteering. I love to volunteer. But, I have to pull myself back and remember that my first role is to my husband and children...which I have been known to throw to the side in order to do something...even when it is good it can be least for me.

  75. I know that this is just a season though and then I can be more a part of the ministry.

  76. I want to learn Spanish...but I took French in high school...I distinctly remember my Dad telling me to take Spanish...but I didn't listen...French sounded more sophisticated.

  77. I do not take compliments well.

  78. I once told a teacher that my Dad lost his job and all we had to eat was bread and water. I seriously know that I was joking when I said it...she didn't get my sense of humor and approached my parents about it...neither of them think I was capable of that kind of humor in 2nd grade...but I was.

  79. I have a dry sense of humor.

  80. Most people don't get me...but I do...and I end up making myself laugh at no one getting it...because it is funny.

  81. I usually butcher jokes...I always remember the punch line but leave out the few necessary details to make it work.

  82. I still love saying "you should have been a know all the cracks" no matter how crude it is funny, to me.

  83. I am not a big animal person. I like them but I don't care for the poop they leave behind. It is enough for me to wipe my own kids tails.

  84. I was a dog person before kids.

  85. We had 4 goats, 2 cats, 3 dogs and some guineas who preferred our home over our neighbors and I loved maybe it just depends on the time of year or my age or the was in the country.

  86. We lived in a 30 foot travel trailer while waiting for home to be built for 9 was tight quarters.

  87. I don't like to camp...I would day camp, but I don't want to be away from showers or toilets or share them with complete strangers.

  88. I like to condo...heehee.

  89. My favorite mountain place is Lake City, Colorado...beeeautiful!!

  90. My favorite beach place is Destin/Panama City....again...beautiful!

  91. I don't do sharks, or large fish.

  92. We have vacationed with friends or family most of our vacations.

  93. I like to have people over, when my house is clean.

  94. We are having a house built. I'm excited but it is still just a house. I am more excited about the neighborhood.

  95. I try to take pictures everyday.

  96. I would like to go to Africa on a mission trip.

  97. I'd like to volunteer in the orphanages of China.

  98. My life is far better than I could have ever hoped for.

  99. I have the habit of picking up on a song my husband was singing out loud, sing it myself and think it was me who came up with it.

  100. I have a terrible sense of direction.

So there you have it...but enough about me.

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Alicia said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog in a long search for christian mom's of public school kids. I'm trying to put together a blog list on my blog for such women.
I have been called from homeschooling into the public school. I'm burdened that many women feel bad about being in the public school. I'm hoping to change that and gather in blog land as we pray for each other.
Would you be interested in being part of that list?
Oh, and liked a lot of the things you shared though I did not get though all of them.