Sunday, October 19, 2008

He Ranks...

So, Hope has a love for worship music...she just LOVES it! Which of course, we love that she loves it. She hears it in the car, at home, at church and now she sings her songs from school and her Sunday school class...which I love too :) I had her sing to the camera but it lost something and today while she was swinging she chose to start singing and I just took advantage of it without her thinking I was videoing...pretty sneaky, huh? She thought she was getting her picture made. Well, her sweet voice singing to the Lord just brings a smile to my face every time....I have a feeling He is smiling too :) Of course, her lyrics are always a little different....see if you catch the words that she has changed.... :0)

She sings: And all God's children singing Glory, Glory, HalleluLA He ranks, He ranks

It is supposed to be: It's all God's children singing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah He reigns....He reigns

I love being able to hear what she hears. It all makes perfect sense. And the HalleluLa is just so cute. But, I must agree...He totally ranks!


Alaina said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! You have such a lovely family! Praying for your youngest as you visit doctors and get answers about ths stones.

Alicia said...

How cute!
That wouldn't happen to be the Newsboys version would it? My kids love them too.
What a treasure.