Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little Miss Soccer :0)

Hope has enjoyed playing soccer so much. She asks all the time..."What do I do today?" I think she loves having "things to do" that are her own and not mine. I love that she is having such a good time. She is really, really good...and I am not just saying that. She is. It isn't that we push her or coach her or bribe her (although I have seen money exchange hands between a few grandparents and Hope). She is naturally athletic. It is amazing. I know it sounds like I am bragging. And, well, I guess I am but, it truly has nothing to do with is her. She scored 4 goals today...she was so proud of herself...she even kept count. Goals are the big deal with her right now. Although the girl worked some major defense too.
She gets such a thrill out of having her family come to watch her. She will ask..."Who all is going to be there?" After I name them she will ask, "What about....?" She loves that she wears an actual "juhrsey" (she says it real Northern like) It is precious! Her team is the Ladybugs...and I wasn't even there when they named it...perfect! I love that when a child falls down she will stay back and to see if they are OK.
She takes things very literal right now. Her coach had her doing kickoffs and told her you can only kick it in not twice for a kick off by the same child...the child chased the ball for a while and would not touch it....she said her coach told her "only kick it once". And her coach had told her don't get the ball if one of your team has it...which to Hope meant if they were near now that we have all that figured out, she is back on track. But, I appreciate her effort to follow her coaches directions. Oh, and one of my most favorite practice or a game she will ask her coach so many questions....she loves to say "Coach...." and whatever else...I think she is just so thrilled to have a coach. Too funny. Anyhow, the photos are what you really ya go :)
All about the action
Big Daddy and Hunter
Taking a dancing break...she does these side leg balancing things randomly throughout the game..she tries to do cartwheels too. These occur while waiting on the other team to wrangle their girls back on the field or line up for a throw in or kick off...she just doesn't like down time apparently :)
Sweet Girl!
GOAL!!Sweet Love
I have no idea what she is doing here...all I could think of was the part in the movie of The Little Rascals. You know where the little boy says, while cracking his knuckles....."You thinking what I'm thinking worm?"
MiMi and Hunter

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babymama said...

Those girls are adorable! And your mom too - has she even changed a bit?!

I love reading your blog, puts a smile on my face every time!! XOXOX