Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Woo Hoo!

We filled up the 'burban today...only 60 something dollars!! I gave the woman a one hundred dollar bill and got back change...now that is some kind of wonderful! We haven't had that privilege in months. Gas is running $2.22 per gallon around here. It is great...well, it's not, but compared to the prices lately it is. Isn't that funny how quickly we become conditioned to higher prices? We begin to think paying over 2 bucks a gallon is a deal. Sad...I won't even talk about the increasing prices at the local market - I wonder if the lower prices at the pump will begin to reflect at the grocery store...somehow I doubt it. I still can't believe it though...gas under one hundred dollars for a fill up! Can I get a woo hoo?! I know, it takes little to excite me ;)

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