Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naptime...the delight of a SAHM

Love is very much a nurturer. She loves to be around babies and to play Mommy. She is a big helper and very much a mocker of all things done by those around her...which can lead to trouble ;)But today, she was a Mommy to a baby...who needed a nap...and what Mom can't identify with that scenario?

So proud she laid her 'baby' on the step bed and covered her up with a blanket, a washcloth, and a wipee (guessing the baby is very cold and dirty??) She came and got me and said "Mommy....mere (come here) nite nite"...and the above is what I saw.

She won't go to sleep, perhaps I will poke close her eye for her....

Uhhhh! This kid is driving me crazy!
Maybe if I poke close both her eyes for her, then she'll sleep.
Yes! There is nothing sweeter than nap time for a SAHM!
Y'all, just for the record, I have never poked my babies eyes to get them to sleep...but that celebratory look, when she knows the baby is asleep...guilty ;0)
If only Love still took naps - Hope is no problem...Love, well, she doesn't much care for them.
On another note, doesn't Love's face look great? We will be a week out tomorrow since her laser treatment...she is healing really well.

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