Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to...Me :)

Big Daddy and the little girls
Crazy Faith
DimplesSeriously Mom...enough already.
Happy Birthday to Me! Another year under my belt and I feel exactly like I did yesterday...OLD! My hubs and the kiddos scored major, major points. Even though he knows my love language is most definitely not gifts, he knew how much I'd love it. I was given the best gift...the one that keeps giving :) Actually I was serenaded with Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and several other holidays so that I might get the drift...this is a biggie and will carry over. So, what is it? A brand new camera. I actually searched all over EBay for it and finally found it. I am upgrading from a point and shoot to a entry level DSLR. I am enamored with it. It is still very new to me and I hope to figure all the doo dahs out soon. The most fantastic part of the new camera was I had an SLR when the big kids were little and the lenses are all interchangeable!! Huge pro when deciding exactly which brand to buy. So, for now...I am eat up with it. If it will sit, stand or lie still...I am gonna shoot it - with my brand new camera. My what? My brand new camera!! :)

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