Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soccer is a Life...

Faith with her BFF Brooke after the game Sunday

Well, we knew this time was coming. Faith plays soccer. Hope plays soccer. Therefore we are living the life of soccer. With soccer comes practices and games and with two kiddos on two different teams it makes for a lot of time. Which is totally worth it. It is just a season, right? Both of our girls enjoy it so much. They both have the soccer gene.

Faith had her first game this past Sunday. She did very well. She entered on an older team and has definitely held her own. She has gotten much more aggressive. To be honest, she can look a little angry out there when she is fighting for the ball...I'd just let her have it. But this age group totally "gets" it.

Hope starts this Saturday and she is every bit as good as last season. She is a smidgen on the ball hogging side. Hope only being 4, it just doesn't register there is more than her on the team. I don't think all the passing starts for another year or so...right? She is the main scorer. We have talked to her about sharing the ball before a game before and she barely touched it. So, we will have the kid that most of the parents blame for their kid not touching the ball. It is crazy really. There isn't much of a happy medium.

This season is one we are looking forward to for both the girls. We will not have to miss a single game due to scheduling conflicts...that is a first!

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Julie said...

Hey...were can we find a schedule? Would love to see some games :)