Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at Bambi and Paw Paw's

Love helped Paw Paw blow out his candles.

Aunt Jan trying to beat Hunter into the playhouse for the prize eggs.

And she totally won...look at that flexibility...impressive.

And she led some praise and worship after that.
She let Love and Hope "play" at the same time. Look at the joy on Love's face...she ate this up!

Artist in the making
Bambie and Paw Paw with our 4 kiddos :)
What a great day! The little kids liked the Easter egg hunt with all the candy and goodies. The big kids enjoyed the Easter egg hunt but preferred the quarters to the candy. Then came the playing and singing. Aunt Jan can play just about anything...there was a whole lotta jiving going on. Why we had our very own praise team in da house! Aunt Jan had lead piano and lead vocals, Bambi and Aunt Kay had support vocals, Love and Hope helped tickle (or pound) the ivories and sung what they knew. Y'all...Love plum ate it up! I think I may have had a glimpse into one of her talents!! The girl has got her some rhythm. She has Aunt Jan's gift. This girl would throw her head back and sing and shake her head up and down as if she were feeling the music. Kind of Stevie Wonder / Ray Charles style. Too precious!! Hope had herself making all kinds of request and believe it or not...Aunt Jan could play all of 'em...and there was a Lot!
After leaving Bambi's around 7 we ended up heading to Kohl's and guess who we ran into? Yep, sure was. The Easter Bunny...and dern if it didn't 'bout spoil my family. All I've got to say is in old M&M commercial fashion...."Thank you Easter Bunny - Bawk...Bawk!"

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