Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wedding...

The little girls were flower girls in a very dear friend of ours wedding. Cassie is quite possibly one of the sweetest people we know. She also happens to be one of the most beautiful...both inside and outside. It was a joy to have the girls there in her wedding. They both love her so much.

The wedding was outdoors and the backdrop for the ceremony...y'all it was breathtaking. Those pictures are going to be Ahhhmazing! During the ceremony we had sound effects of a gentle rolling thunder and their donkey Jericho. It was fun. The ceremony was very sweet and and everything looked absolutely beautiful. She had the shabby chic theme going...I honestly did not understand it when it was described to me...I think it may have been the prettiest wedding I have ever attended. The little girls did really well - I think. I couldn't hear them from where I was but they sure did look super cute. Love did so well. She and Hope were to stand in front of my best friend Shay. They both love her, so it ended up being perfect. They stood (well, Love jumped up and down a bit and swayed some) the entire ceremony and trotted out right behind the new couple. At one point, Big Daddy went up to do the blessing and pronouncing and Love left her spot. She was headed to Big Daddy. She was probably thinking "Hey, that's my Dad!"

Anyway, the reception was outdoors at their home as well. It was gorgeous. There were so many oaks filled with small clear twinkle lights. It was like something out of the movies. We loved it! We were able to stay until almost 10 so we didn't get to see them off.

They are headed to Mexico! Oh, one more thing that made this wedding extra special...y'all she remained pure until her wedding night. It may be too much information, I don't know, but it is just so rare and such a gift to her husband that I had to share. I love having both Cass and Shay as examples for my girls of how you can honor the Lord by saving yourself for marriage. I just love those girls!!

Big Daddy just pronounced them Mr. and Mrs., check out Love, she and Hope are both looking at their Daddy. I love the look on Pete's face too...think he is a proud husband? :)

These are our people :)
Big Daddy and Kels...I so said I was getting a pic with Shay...she was a busy woman...being the matron of honor is a big responsibility. Next time!!

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shaley said...

The girls were perfect... i cant believe how quiet they were and how seriously they took it all. I sooo wish we would have got a picture together! It was a crazy night! It turned out so beautiful and having yall there made it even more so. I miss yall already! Love yall!