Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Little Graduate...

Gosh! Where does time go? Seriously. Hope graduated from Pre-K on this past Thursday. She is officially ready to begin Kindergarten. She just assumed you finish one and begin the other. It is going to be a long summer. She keeps asking, "Now, when is it I start Kindergarten?"

She has accomplished quite a bit this year. She grew 5 inches from the beginning of school until now. She can easily write all her letters and numbers. She started caring about coloring. Before it was the mad dash to finish quickly to get to centers. Now she takes some pride in her ability to choose colors appropriate for objects and remain in the lines. She sings more songs than I know...and with a joyful heart. I love to hear her voice echo through the house. She is quite good. She can carry a tune far better than I can. But, unfortunately, that isn't saying much. She knows more scripture than many adults. She has heard almost all the Bible stories and remembers them and can retell them. Oh, and she has 4 loose kidding. In case you haven't noticed, she is quite a big deal around our house.

She has lost most of her baby look to her. She is long and lean and loud....oh is she loud. The poor girl gets told to turn her volume down multiple times a day by me...she is "an angel" in classroom. Thank goodness :)

Receiving her diploma. She kept referring to it as a book report. She was concerned about her "book report". She finally decided to open it up and was disappointed. She said, "Oh Mom, this isn't even a book is just a blank piece of paper."

Our little lady :)

Then she enjoyed some punch to which she said..."Mom, red wasn't a good choice, was it?"
MiMi and Hope after graduation
My sweet little graduate - who is most definitely ready for Kindergarten.
Just so ya know...her momma, on the other hand...she isn't ready.
Why do they have to grow up so fast?

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Julie said...

oh...I wish I would have known about it! I remember when Austin graduated from Pre-K at the same school. So sweet!