Thursday, July 9, 2009

Her Version of Cowgirl

Love is a music loving, song singing, instrument playing, dance doing chick. She cracks me up...most of the time I don't have time to catch her with the camera.
She is a simple cowgirl...nothing fancy...beads, cowboy hat, pull-up and a red guitar. I love the cocked up leg with the foot a tappin'

Thank-ya...thank-ya very much ;)


Angie said...

It sure doesn't take your girls long to become true country Texan girls, does it?? :)

Anonymous said...

She has been watching cousin Matt! Looks like he's got some competion!
---Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

She sure has wonfer if there will be a duo soon? How about that Love would you like to cut a song with Uncle Matt? You might even help sell his cds.With a girl like you noone can resist.