Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hope's Locks of Love & Love's Fresh New Do :)

Love before her haircut
Love after...much healthierFrom the front before
The front view after...cute as can be :)I love Hope's long ponytails!
Her hair before her cut...12 inches that is!
Hope's hair after
2 feet of hair (1 foot per ponytail) going to Locks of Love...her 2nd donation...the girl can grow some incredible hair!
Our Hope...long hair, short hair, no hair...still absolutely adorable!!


shaley said...

They both look adorable that haircut is perfect for them!

Anonymous said...

My beautiful grandaughters all but one anyway.....she didn't cut her hair. I love these girls soooooo much they are beautiful just beautiful. Hope can grow some hair!!! MiMi would like just half of one of these ponytails.I love her long hair too though as it is so gorgeous. I do understand that it gets really really hot though. So Hope do what ya gotta do. Love I think your new do is great too now this little one has hair like her MIMI's only it's dark and beautiful.