Tuesday, September 15, 2009

These Shoes Were Made for Tapping....

And that is just what she'll do!I love these sweet tapping feet :)

Love started her very first dance and gymnastic classes this past week. She really had a ball - preferred the ballet to the tap at class. Then at home we practically have to peel the tap shoes off :) She loves the noise. We signed up for a Mommy and Me class and the timing was perfect. Unfortunately, so perfect that there were not enough girls to fill the required spots. They have another class another day but it is so full...I wanted more attention for her since she is so young. There is hope, they say things could pick up and we could be back in by October :) For the day though my sweet little princess was an absolute doll. She loved her pink leotard, white tights (that were huge) and her soft little pink tutu. Precious to the core.

I took some pictures at class but it being a Mommy and Me...I was a bit too involved to get anything good. And the lighting...it was awful. So here are the pics I took before class. You must be warned...the girl can pose. None - not one of these photos were set up or posed by me. I asked her to smile and this is what she came up with. Too sweet :)
She knows she is cute in this get up

This must be her interpretation of ballet. Looks a bit like karate ;)
Love it...she looks like an Egyptian
I love the placement of her hands...I know it looks posed. Hopefully you all know me well enough that I would never put her right up next to a drainage gutter.
Such a pretty little princess
If you happen to think of our sweet Love tomorrow we would so appreciate your prayers. She is having her 6th laser treatment early in the morning. Same procedure as always. It just bothers me that she has to be put to sleep again.


Angie said...

How sweet she is in her little outfit! Praying for her surgery tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

My sweet Love. She is so brave had her laser today and wan't very happy. Dr.raised her laser from 13 1/2 to 14 1/2. has a few blisters and seems to have pain this time. Poor baby but...always a trooper. I love you Love MIMII am also so proud of you dancing pictures you are soooooo sweet amd beautiful.