Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the...

Baking Has Begun!
That plate of flour covered gingerbread men were actually decorated quite well...before the snow storm ;0)
She had flour in her hair, hands, nose and even eyelashes and that is talent!

A few nights ago we had baked and decorated about 36 little gingerbread men. They were mostly still there when we went to bed. By morning...they had disappeared. I am certain Hunter, Faith and her friend were in need of ginger flavored snacks. Funny though, those gingerbread that had survived the snow storm were still safe and sound :)

Today is the day of baking and decorating all of our Christmas cookies. Big Daddy will be home all day tomorrow and we will make sure his sweet tooth (and ours) is taken care of.

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Angie said...

And who ever said that you never get a white Christmas in TX??