Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby J Turned One...

My youngest nephew had his 1st Birthday this past Sat. He was such a cutie! I played my sister's photographer for the are just a few of what I loved :)
You should never invite "big kids" to your party...they have way too much fun!!
Hunter, Totsie & Grumpy 3 Generations at its finest :0)
My Sister and Her Baby Boy
Baby J and his Daddy
Ma Ma and Hunter...imagine her giving the "pucker" photo so many of the kids do now, so gangster. Ha!
MiMi and Love, who couldn't take her eyes off of the cake :)
Hunter and Totsie ~ I am not sure which one is more proud of the other.
Baby J did it up real well
Isn't he just the yummiest?

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Angie said...

No way is he one already! I remember photos of your sister before he was born!! Very cute!