Monday, January 11, 2010

A Morning of Dress Up...

Love's very most favorite thing to do is play dress up. She totally got the hook up from her MiMi this Christmas and she has on different outfits, jewelry or shoes everyday. We usually use her pretend Mermaid camera but today I thought I had better capture her little self before those clothes are destroyed...because you know how high quality dress up clothes can be. So, for your viewing pleasure...Love! *to truly appreciate them you can click on them to see them better :)
Where to begin...(I have a very similar photo of Faith at age 4 in this type of photo)
Serious thought goes into putting on a necklace Pretty proud of herself
This is totally her
One of her random poses
Trying to go sunlight...why do they always seem much lighter on blogger?

I love these sweet hands

I am not sure where her inspiration came from for this pose...Jeanie in a Bottle perhaps?
She is a shy one, huh?
I think one of my favorites of the morning :)
Love you are just too stinkin' much... :0)


Angie said...

What a little princess. She is just so sweet! You should find that photo of Faith and post it, too!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness...what great pictures!! I love them all. You really had a cutie to work with!!!

Anonymous said...

My little Love you are a true beauty with a big heart!! I love to see you having so much fun, MiMi is so proud of her true princess. It brings tears of joy because not so many years ago your sister Faith loved doing the very same thing.Oh for the memories keep them coming sweet baby girl. I Love You MIMI.