Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sick and Tired and Sick Some More...

What a week!

We sent Hope back to school Monday and she is still hacking today. Little Love has been just about the sickest I have ever seen her. Hope must have passed the torch because almost instantaneously Love took over - plus 200%. Bless her heart. I think we have begun to turn the corner but still it just stinks. Her eyes are just the saddest little things ever. Poor Baby. We have been through so many medicines that she will never look at the medicine cup or dropper the same. Why do they all have to taste so insanely foul? I mean like once they are available in generic they turn from extremely palatable to incredibly disgusting...

On the up side of things Love appears to be fully potty trained...yea! We thought we had this mastered about a year ago and after a big regression after moving here the pedi. told me to back off for a while. She has been in panties 24/7 ever since Sunday...and no accidents since then either :) Such a big girl...even sick as a dog.

Speaking of dogs...Blue had her "female" surgery on Friday and they fixed her umbilical hernia at the same time. She is plum miserable but she is the dog I always wanted. Calm, sweet, and loving...even though she has been high as a kite. I know it will all wear off soon enough but for now can I go on the record saying she'd be perfect if she were an addict? Is that wrong? Oh, it is isn't it?
Here is my Love day by day...poor sweet child.

Poor thing would ask for her bowl and fell asleep with it tightly gripped on several occasions :(
See the eyes...I told you
She could not breathe at all so she would walk around with her little dry mouth hanging open.
She was comforted by big sister...I love how Faith is holding her sweet little hand.

Sad little face.

Still the sweetest much as I have hated her being so sick and feeling so miserable I have truly loved having her snuggled up with me all most non stop for the past week. Last night was her first full night of sleep since Saturday. She and I were both due a good sleep. If only she'd eat she may regain her usual pep.

My computer has been jacked up. I don't what I did or didn't do but I couldn't access anything. So soon I will have pics of Hope's basketball games. So much fun!!


Angie said...

Oh, poor sweetie. Praying that nasty bug leaves your home pronto! And how did you get Love potty trained through the night? We're still not there with Charlie!!

Anonymous said...

My poor sweet Love MiMi is soproud of your potty training I told you that you could do it and look what a big girl you are now.I am so sorry that you feel so rotten your poor little eyes and face have been so swollen. MiMi loved the phone call when you called and said MIMI I SICK just to sad so ran to store for mom and brought you goodies. Then your Bambi did the same thing so you must feel the love going on around you girl! Glad to see your getting better I love you bunches!! MIMI