Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Soccer Tournament

On her way to the goal
Her medal...she was so proud of it..."I've never gotten a medal before...ever"
Love rolling down the grassy hill was on purpose...several times
Faith and her friend from soccer "A"
Her guys...does this look like a CD cover or is just me? :0)
Oh, and our miss thang - working her game
Today was Hope's very first soccer tournament. She had a ball. Well, we all did. Love totally dug being outside all day. She also found out that she is very good at rolling down hills -on purpose none the less. She also had a doting sweetie "B" (my cousin's cute daughter) to spoil her for hours at a time :) Faith had her friend from her soccer team there (who also has a little sister on the team) to hang with. And Hunter had his Grumpy. Hope had plenty of fans...MiMi, Grumpy, Ninnie, Baby J and MaMa. We recently moved Hope up an age division. We were a little worried about her hanging on the bigger field. She did perfectly fine :) In her first game she scored twice. She wasn't quite herself but I think it will come. She is on a pretty good little team too. Today at lunch with the team I kept glancing over at the girls and was so pleased we had made the choice. Hope and all the girls sat at a table all together laughing, cracking jokes and sharing food. It was just so sweet to see budding new friendships. Hope has found a team full of girls that all really like each other and the parents are friendly too. For those of you who are soccer moms also you may appreciate the sweetness ;) Our girls did so well and more than anything they had so much fun! Which is the most important part of the game...because if isn't fun anymore...why bother?

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Angie said...

Soccer in Feb?? We wouldn't be able to find the ball in all the snow! Congrats, Hope, on your first tournament and medal! As for the CD can they sing??