Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Much Fun 1.5

So after school didn't exactly go the way I had envisioned. Faith had a history project to finish up after school with a couple of friends. Hunter had enough of the snow playing all day today between classes. Hope lasted less than 5 minutes. Love would stay out 24/7...along with Faith - little snow women. Big Daddy stayed out with Faith...snowball fights, he buried her in the snow like she was in sand, they made snow angels - some real good Daddy/daughter bonding ;) I have no pics. boo.hoo. We still have no snowman. However we have some of the most delici-oh-so snow ice cream. We just didn't have the man power for the snowman tonight. Big Daddy is off tomorrow and hopefully the kids school will be cancelled. Bright and early or cloudy and early - whichever it may be - we all have a date with some Get it? Snow man. Make a snow man. Hee hee! Officially a dork, I know. Not that you all needed written proof. :) Pics tomorrow of the big kids - promise. (Happy MiMi?) :)
Faith making snowballs
Umm...that is Big Daddy making that snow angel

The snow ice cream...I doubled the gallon recipe and it is going fast!

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Angie said...

Thing is...your snow won't last. We'll have ours for another few months. UGH! How do you make snow icecream? We have enough snow here to eat it for a decade!!