Thursday, March 11, 2010

There is only one thing...

There is only one thing worse than registering our son for his SOPHOMORE year of high school.
It is registering our daughter for her FRESHMAN year. Where oh where did the time go? Seriously? Two kids in high school...didn't I just graduate?

Truly none of it is horrible, it is actually quite exciting. It just brings the realization that one day all too soon they will be flying from our safe little coop and entering that great big world. And that could honestly put me under if I sat around and thought about it. The fact that in 3 years my son will graduate high school and my daughter will be on his coat tails the following year. Thank God for this nugget...

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" Matthew 6:34

And when I meditate on that I remember where we are today in our little journey through life with two teenagers and I think...."3 or 4 more years - how in the world are we ever going to last that long?!" Oh, I kid.

But seriously, training up teenagers is not for the faint of heart. I think I have called on the Lord so often this past month that He must hear me call for Him and think..."what did they do now?" :) I know I am being silly. It is truly beyond comforting to know He is with us through all the struggles we encounter while parenting. We are learning everyday that parenting has to be intentional. It just doesn't happen. It takes learning, lots of love and forgiveness...on both ends.


Anonymous said...

I have to say amen to that it seems like just yesterday you and your sister were in this same stage teen years. Lots of understanding .Know they will grow out of this and admire the fact you took such care in their upbringing.I so know that you are having a rough time of it right now. Just hang on tight as the light is at the end of the tunnel. Someday they will say thanks mom and dad for setting hard on us as teens and giving us the guidence we so needed so that we can pass this on to our own kids. Just know that they love you when they say they hate you and they know what your doing is best even though they don't quite understand why yet. Hang on tight and reap the rewards they will give back 100 times over.LOVE LOVE LOVE them but still keep your eyes wide open. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I have to say teenage years with the boys was an experience! But to hear them talk now they really think that I had powers of knowing all and seeing all. I can still remember when I would catch them doing things I would try not to act shocked and call them rookies and ask them if that was the best they could do. When they would mouth off oh it would hurt, but to them I had a shield around me that words just bounced off. To sum it all up, I wouldn't change a thing! Trust me alot could be changed, but the fact the God choose me of all the people in the world to set in the passenger seat of this half adult/half child and watch them carelessly go throu life and when it got out of control or cross the lines then I would grab them and pull back only to let go to watch it all over again. Being the mom of teenagers made me the strong willed person that I am today. When they grow up and leave home, become responsable adults, then you will know that you too have a Master's degree of being a Mom. I really miss those years, it kinda made me spunky.
Love, from a Mom who went thru hell and back with her kids and we all turned out alright!