Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Big Daddy and Hunter returned from their hunting trip on Sunday. We had already been shopped out at this point. So, what is next on our list? The tree, of course! We went to our usual (actually very unusual) Christmas tree spot and made our purchase within a few minutes of arriving. IT is gorgeous...and I'm not just saying that. It smells like Christmas in our house because of it and a little help of a lovely B&BW "Fresh Balsam" candle. We had first laid eyes on our tree when we were searching the 3 trees that fit what we were looking for. I had Big Daddy drag the tree to his truck, and it was heavy. Then I noticed it had a huge dead spot in the back...will not do. Then I had him drag the other very nice option to our tree...ummmm, nope, not that one either. And, yes, you guessed it, he drug the third option to his truck....which I had him bring back option 2 to compare side to side and out in the open. When it hit me...they are all beautiful!! But, it was option 2! A 9 foot noble fir that smelled so good and had a big fat trunk. I knew we would need a sturdy one with all of our decor and such :) By the way, Big Daddy was such a sport, I think it helped he was right there in the midst of people coming and going from the store. It helped him not to lose his patience with me...which, really, how could he not? I was pushing it, I know. It also helped that the little girls were with us, jumping up and down and cheering and laughing and people were stopping by and telling us how "now that is what it is all about". Our girls spread Christmas cheer just by being their fun little selves. In fact, I believe our Christmas tree search encouraged others to buy their tree. We had people watching us drag the trees to and fro...who wouldn't be inspired? Ha!!
The girls beginning to place their ornaments, even Faith has to tippy-toe :)
Pretty proud of their decorating and pretty proud of each these girls!
Just so you can see that full height of the tree...our ceiling is 9 foot and we could not have bought one inch taller :)
These two would pose for hours if I wanted them to.
And then there is Faith and Taco. I love how she has taken to him like her very own baby. Of course, I'd have preferred a pic with the little girls. I'll take what I can get though. Love this girl too!

And in typical Hunter photos...he needs a haircut, so he says. Whatever!
I vow to get at least a photo of all 4 kiddos between now and Christmas day. I also vow to attempt a family photo...although I am going on record that it might not be that spectacular. It is the memory after all, right? :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my I love the snowman tree including the topper!! This tree fits your family so well always jolly around your house and Love and Hope along with Faith well they are awesome at tree trimming !! Love my grandkids!! Have a very Merry Christmas Ya'll!! See Angie we really do talk this way in Texas