Thursday, July 17, 2008


Miss Love had to get 4 shots yesterday...poor thing. She is getting caught up and we started over with her immunizations. She knew immediately when the nurse placed her in the "shot giving position" what was coming...bless her heart. She started struggling and screaming and these shots must have been some that they have to give deep in the muscle. For a good part of the day every step she'd take she would say...."Ooooowwwww....ooooowwwww" so if she walked from the kitchen to the living room she'd say about 10 "ooooowwww"s. It was pitiful. She sounded a lot like a kitten...if you can imagine. She had a low grade fever last night and today but is back to her normal self. Shots are so much better than when our older kids got them and ran those ridiculously high fevers. Still makes it no more fun for the little girls though...and Hope is due for some at her 4 year check up...which is soon...and she's been very concerned with the possibility of them. :(

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