Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Play Date with Miss "Bella"....oh, and her folks :)

"Bella" Going For It
All 3 trying to catch the rain
Love stood here forever...just catching rain drops :)
Miss "Bella"...isn't she beautiful??
The proof is in the peaches...Bella ate a peach at the girls house ;)

Last night we had over my sil and bil and our niece...who is just precious ;)
We thought she'd enjoy coming over and playing in the girls new playhouse and swing set and sandbox. She did like the swing set and the playhouse but when it came to playing in the sandbox....uhhhh, oh no she wouldn't..put her purtee toes in that sand...uh-no thanks! It was funny! She did however have quite the time measuring the peaches and pouring them from bowl to bowl...I have to give her credit she did try one of them before stashing them in Love's bowl...who loved the extras! We love fresh peach slices with sugar that makes a sort of sauce over them...yum!
The girls seems to get along really well and no major, or even minor disagreements that I remember. The rain went from sprinkles to a little more than that...but nothing too exciting. Enough that we stayed mostly on the porch...except for my two little ones..who loved just holding their hands, feet and eventually whole bodies under the roof and letting the rain pour down on them. It was cute...they enjoy the simple things so much. We eventually brought out the glow stick bracelets...which seemed to be a hit...hello...$1 bin at T*rget...can't beat that!! Of course, the adults enjoyed the coffee and conversation...uh, I think ;)
But seriously, I love just watching them all together...I remember when waiting for our youngest girls to come home from China, my sil and I would talk about the days we'd get to share just watching them become close friends and playing and laughing...and those days are here...and sweeter than we could have imagined!! Just feeling really thankful that we are all home and together, answered prayers in motion...gotta love that!

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shaley said...

Bella is so beautiful. This is the first time ive ever seen her. I love that picture of them catching the rain, they look like angels.