Monday, July 14, 2008

Beth or Bust!

Woo Hoo! I get to go see Beth Moore in San Antonio!! I am so excited!! The last time I saw her in person she totally captivated me...I still think about things that she shared with us. She is a powerful, genuine, honest and wonderful speaker. I have done a lot of her Bible studies, read most of her books, and always come away with more knowledge in the Lord and a closer relationship with Him. She has been gifted beyond measure...and she has been willing to teach and preach and y'all...she is amazing. If you have the opportunity to see her in it! Your time spent together will be life changing. One of the best things about going is I will be along side of my sister-in-law and the ladies that I love from our old church. To be honest, I am just about as excited to be around the ladies once again for some good ole fellowship ;) It will be my sister in law's and my self's ( that a word??) first night away from our youngest girls...but we both know it will only strengthen our relationship with the Lord and therefore make us better wives and mommys. The best part is our hubbys are totally behind us and encouraging us to go....gotta love a man who leads you in the direction of spiritual growth...even if it means he will be home alone with the kids ;)

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