Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend! We went swimming and hung out at the sil and bil on Sat. we swam, ate and ended with coffee...yum! Hope jumps off the diving board all alone now! She doesn't mind going under at all...she will jump off anywhere, anytime :) I forgot my camera (bad mommy)...I am going to hit my sil up for any she might have....I will share if she happens to have them. Friday night we just hung out and the girls rode on their toys while the boys skateboarded...the boys do not like having their photos fact, they avoided me as much as possible. Wow, boys are different than girls. Then, Sunday after church we did the usual and took MaMa out to eat and then headed to the great toy store and picked up a swing set that MiMi and Grumpy bought the girls for their birthday!! Loving all these fun gifts!! So, Big Daddy spent the whole day putting it together....with a sno cone break and a small nap and it is all together but the slide and teeter totter. The girls were so funny...every time he'd get something up and together they were right in the middle of it!! So, we are going to start charging a fee to come in the back yard now....just kidding but seriously...we have enough entertainment in the yard to keep any "bored" child quite occupied! If only the stinkin' grass would is just too hot! I made a slide show below this post....if it closes on you, just hit the "x" on the top right.

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