Thursday, August 28, 2008


Eye ExamLeaving Awanas...and for the first time
embarrassed to have her picture taken.
Well, let's see...where to begin...

Monday was the first day I was sick, after a sleepover with 4 additional kids...and it wasn't the kids that did it. I think Love shared her lovely little bug with Momma. Tuesday, the first day of school, I was so sick Big Daddy had to take off work and take the big kids to school on the first day....the first time I ever missed it...durn it! Just couldn't do it. He took care of the littles too. Then yesterday, I was feeling better but as the day wore on I knew it wasn't over and was probably the most sick last night. Can I just say right now that I have a new respect for those of you who have been through chemo, radiation, or any illness that makes you so sick and nauseous. I know I only endured a small portion of what you all take on a regular basis. I can not even imagine...I will be praying even harder for you. I took the girls, along with my Mom, to the doctor for their 2 and 4 year check ups. They are both growing beautifully. Hope on the charts is 75% on height and weight....she is solid for sure. Her hearing, and eyes are great. Her chest is no longer "crackly" either. But the poor thing had to get 5 shots and the FluMist up her nose. I had no idea there were so many shots at this appointment. She probably terrified every child in the office...waiting room included with her wailing. She is not a Demi Moore/Ghost crier...she is the loudest screaming crier I have ever heard. The poor thing was still in pain in one of her legs and arm last night. Of course, she got a new Mulan DVD out of it...our VHS one bit the dust. Love is 25% weight, 50% height on the charts. She had an ear infection and possibly the bug 'tourista' from Mexico which is causing all the trouble. So, she put her on an antibiotic to take care of it all. She ended up with 3 shots and the Flu Mist up her nose too. I am glad my Mom was there I couldn't have managed so many shots is so traumatic. I mean, they have me hold down their arms and head and the nurse holds down their legs. No matter how many times you tell them it is for their own doesn't make a lick of sense at this age.

Later last night Hope attended her very first Awanas class. I was so nervous for her. A lot of the kids go to Sun. morning class together, and she hasn't yet...she was still too yucky this past Sun. to push her into it. She was ready, Bible in one hand .50 dues in the other. We met her teacher, Miss Amanda (who saved the day) and she was so sweet. I told her about Hope being a little insecure and not knowing anyone and she got her a "best buddy" for the night. Bless this little girl. She made all the difference in the world. Because the first night was jump houses and playground kick off party. So really no chair time. Without her "best buddy" she'd likely have stood off to the side or wanted to leave. Big Daddy helps with M.A.D. the youth ministry on Wed. nights so he checked in on her. I left after about 5 minutes and came back early. She did fabulous. Her exact words when I asked how it was were..."It was great. My teacher is sooo nice. I have a best buddy who played with me the whole time Mom. The boy in the green shirt pushed me really, really high on the swing too. He is so nice too. We singed a song. But, we didn't talk about Jesus" and then she took a breath. I told her even though she didn't speak about Him that He was there. That teacher shared Him with you, your best buddy shared Him with you and the nice boy in the green shirt shared Him with you. I am so happy she enjoyed her time at Awanas. I know she will get a lot out of it and it will be good to develop friendships with kiddos her age at church.

Wednesdays are a big deal around our house. We have a time battle. Both Faith and Hope's soccer teams practice on Wed. nights. But our kids go to church. Does anyone remember when you couldn't practice or have games on Wed. or Sun.? I miss those days. Needless to say, we choose to go to church. When I say we I mean we....we don't force Faith to go to MAD, she chooses it and Hope wants to attend Awanas over soccer too. I think what they learn on the soccer field is important if they want to continue to improve in the sport and do well as a team member. But I think what they learn about the Lord and their relationship with Him will help them in every aspect of field included.

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