Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet the Teacher...

Hope and Mrs. "T"
Friday we met Hope's PreK teacher. Mrs. T is going to be very good for Hope. She is excited about being a teacher and therefore it tends to carry over into the children. Which makes total sense, right? Hope will be a busy little bee her 2 days at school. She will have chapel, music, learning and playing not to mention snack time, lunch and rest time. Today was supposed to be her first day of school. But, bless her heart, Hope was so, so ill. She ended up with 104.5 fever Sat. night because she couldn't hold anything down...including fever reducers. She was sick, yesterday was better but she still had some symptoms and low grade fever. Today, she has been almost her joyful little self. It is heartbreaking to see your kid so sick and there is not a thing you can do to make it better. I kept praying and praying over her. It got to the point where when I would touch her she would say "Are you praying again Momma?" I can't imagine what parents who have chronically ill children must endure. Hold them close Jesus.

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