Monday, October 27, 2008

3rd Annual Chili Cook Off and Pumpkin Carving...

Well yesterday marked the 3rd annual pumpkin carving and chili cook off at my Uncle and Aunt's house. They are true entertainers, very hospitable, very easy going, very accommodating. They can pull off a theme like no body's business. Halloween cups, goblet, glasses, napkins, plates, tablecloths. Ghoulade, cupcakes and candy decorations for the kids to decorate, orange and black jelly bellies, and even a puzzle. She also had a table set up with stencils, stickers, paper and markers for Halloween things to do for the kiddos. Then the area for the actual pumpkin carving, she has tons of stencils, every imaginable carving tool, and even candles to put in the pumpkins. She is our very own Martha Stewart...but better :)

We all bring pumpkins and do our carving mostly with the children...this year almost all of them usually ends up just the adults finishing what their kid started. The pumpkins all turned out really neat. Faith decided to go all peace on us. Hope decided on a witch and Hunter did a cool "Happy Halloween" etching.

The chili...well we have held the title every year and this year...well, it went wrong y'all....I mean real wrong. I went to bed with the chili tasting good and after Big Daddy and Hunter fixed it...well, it was just wrong. They threw dashes of this and shakes of that. Those guys put sugar, cinnamon, deer rub, the Serendipity from Chicken E...anything that would stand still, they added it. It is kinda funny but I was a smidgen embarrassed that it was just so bad. I did like it better than the generic wolf brand chili though. So we weren't dead last :) The Worley's won the best overall it was yummy :) And my aunt and uncle won the most unique. It was unique too...they tried to find turtle to put in her version of chili and thank goodness they could not find any...ewww...poor little Franklin.

Every year it is something the whole family looks forward to. The kids have a blast and we get to catch up with family. We were able to visit with my cousin and her husband (y'all have been praying for him :)) A little update on them, he is looking good and feeling better. He is just so kind. He fielded our questions and I am sure he is sick of explaining his life to everyone. He is back on chemo. I think I told a lot of you he wasn't able to tolerate it anymore...that has passed and it is back on. From what I understand he maybe going on "maintenance" chemo after Christmas. PTL! I really wanted to just take a ton of pictures of him and their family but feel like they are already kind of in a fish bowl. Their kids seem to be really doing well. I guess they just don't know life any different. So, even though he is doing well...we'd still really appreciate your prayers for their family. I think my cousin put it best when she was talking about Jesus..."my kids have got to have something bigger than us to believe in to get them through this"....and it is true. So many people put their faith in things that pass and that feel good only for a moment. Good for her for wanting that security found only in Him for her family. I am so thankful that through this trial her faith is being strengthened. I also hear the Lord has placed a wonderful and godly friend in her life...I am thankful for that too :)

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