Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daddy's Deer Hunter...

Big Daddy took Hope and Hunter to the land this weekend for a tad of youth only hunting and a lot of 4 wheeling and marshmallow roasting :) Hope has been chomping at the bit to get to go with Big Daddy. Finally, it was her turn. Big Daddy did a good job of making a hunter girl out of her. I hear she sat over 2 hours pretty darn quiet while Hunter was on the look out for a deer. Hunter tells a little bit different story but hey...if they all had fun, that's what really matters anyway, right?
Hope and Love with Big Daddy before he loaded the 4 wheeler...they were so excited just to be on it with the motor running

So happy to be outdoors with Big Daddy....tonight right before she got in the bathtub I heard this..."Daddy, I wish I could stand up and pee like a boy"...ambitious, huh?
Roasting marshmallows with Hunter

My Two Favorite Men

Being very, very quiet...and looking pretty cute doing it!

Hunter takes his driving very serious...Hope on the other hand is ready for the action

Another thing Hope said today was:
"Daddy you be the Beijing Cowboys and I'll be the Dallas Cowboys", while holding a football and smiling. We seriously do not know where she gets this stuff...can you even imagine cowboys in Beijing :)

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