Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whew! What a Day!

Today bright and early after the big kids were dropped off we headed to the hospital for another xray of Love. The pediatrician called the other night to let us know that we needed another one. After she consulted with the pediatric urologist turns out he wasn't 100% sure if they were "regular" kidney stones or the actual melamine stones. We've already received the results and they are in fact melamine. We have an appointment to meet with the pediatric urologist on Nov. 1oth.
We went to see the pediatrician on Tuesday to recheck Love's ear infection....still there...after 5 antibiotics. She got us in with the ENT and we saw him today. Needless to say, baby girl will be getting tubes on November 17th. They wanted to do it this Monday. But, our sweet girl will be having her 3rd laser treatment next Wednesday and two times to be put to sleep in 3 days just didn't jive with me. So, we will wait. But y'all, I must brag...she is the BEST patient. She never cries (unless given a shot), smiles the whole time and will turn her head from side to side for them to look in her ears. She's got it down.
To top off the first part of our day Big Daddy treated us to Kincaid's Burgers for lunch...Yum! Not a place we can do real often but when we do....well, it's good!
____________________________________________________________________ We decided after such an eventful day we'd head to the park to let off some steam. These girls are little monkeys! They LOVE to swing. I betcha we pushed them on the swings over 30 minutes and it never bored them at all. Hope found a "rocking" horse and named him Leeko. She was a cowboy and they were riding in horse races. She won almost every time. Love's favorite part was climbing the stairs to the tall slide. Such a big smile on a little face :)

Then we picked up the big kids from school and put a deposit on a rent house....we found one!! And let me tell you, it was NOT easy. I am shocked at what people will put up for rent. I am not exaggerating when I tell you we looked at several yesterday. One had 3 roaches in the bathtub, one had a dead mouse in the kitchen and one had the most ferocious big black dog next door with the shoddiest fence...the dog stuck his big head in the hole in the fence...uh, no thanks. And those places were by no means what I'd call cheap. It blows my mind what rent costs. We found a nice house in a nice neighborhood with as much space as we have here and we will even still have 4 we'll manage quite nicely :)___________________________________________________________________
Tonight was Fall Blast Off! at Awana's. The kids were supposed to dress up as something biblical...anything out of the Bible. I hadn't put much thought into it, I figured I could whip up something. She wanted to use her costume for Friday night but I just couldn't send her in it. So, after "redesigning" a couple of pillowcases....Wah-La! Yep, she's a boy...which she loves!! She is our very own shepherd boy. She wanted the full beard and moustache so maybe she is a shepherd man or shepherd teenager. Heehee! She looked so stinkin' precious to me :) They went from table to table and received treats. She had an absolute blast!

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Julie said...

I am LOL!!!! Hope looks so cute. Pam was telling me how cute she looked last night. I was hoping you would post some pictures.
Love is so precious!!! I hate that she is having to go through so much all at once. Good for you for holding off on the tubes.