Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Prayer Request...

I am coming to you all again this time on behalf of a woman from our church before we moved. Her husband served as youth pastor right before Big Daddy. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle people I have known. We received this from the church updates:

This past week, Amy was diagnosed with bi-lateral (both) breast cancer. It is both aggressive and advanced. On Monday, they will decide the course of action to fight it, which they already know will include chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Amy is only 28 years old and has three children. Please remember to pray for Amy, Brent, and the children, who lives will be changing dramatically.

If you'd like to visit her site to view updates or sign her guestbooks and leave them with encouraging words and your prayers please do so at:

I know God will be glorified through their battle to fight this cancer. She has blessed me so much in just reading her opening letter. It is heartbreaking to know her family is walking through this but also very comforting to know we have a great and loving God. And In Him is where they find their comfort and strength.

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