Friday, October 24, 2008


Hope...that child comes up with some good ones. I feel really bad not keeping up with them all. When we try to remember what she said to make us laugh so hard neither of us can remember. I feel like we are losing track of all the funny things we kept up with the older two. So, as I remember them or as they are said I am recording them on the blog. They are mostly for us but you might just get a kick out of them.

Hope was read a book at school about Jack and the Beanstalk for letter "B" day. She came home in her big, burly, giant voice and stomped all over the house saying..."Fee.Fi.Old.Stump" too funny!

We walked through a home being built yesterday and we entered what was going to be a media room. It was really neat, you step down a few steps to enter it. She walks down the steps and gazes up and turns in a circle admiring the ceiling and says..."This is soooo sweet!" She definitely has teenage siblings in the house.

Hope was talking to Big Daddy:

Big Daddy: Who eats hay?
Hope: lambs and sheets

The other day she was running around the house really fast. She takes a very deep and very dramatic breath and says..."I really must slow down, my heart is beeping way too fast."

Today while she was not sharing her toy car all too well with her little sister. We told her, it is OK. We will get Love a car when we go to the store...who knew they would both take to toy cars so well? She says..."Oh, well, here Love. You can have mine" Mommy "That was nice" Hope shaking her head and leaning against the wall "Seriously, you need to buy me a new one...a faster one"

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