Monday, October 6, 2008

A Dental Visit...

Playing with the toys (yes, her hands were washed afterwards) in the waiting area.
Waiting Patiently...get it...patient...she's the patient...heehee
Love reading while she waits
Tell me this child has a fear of the dentist...she did so good!
And Miss Thing here...did very well too!
Today was the day our clan went to the dentist for the kids 6 months check ups and cleanings. Hunter ended up getting his orthodontic check up at the same time. Faith ended up getting 4 sealants on her new 12 year molars...keep those babies cavity free! And she got a baby tooth pulled...she had so much done in one was great for me but a lot for her.
Hope held Faith's hand the whole time she had her teeth cleaned last visit. This visit they worked Faith in for the tooth to be removed and Hope had to fly solo. I was in the other room with Love. Hope did amazingly well...except she has 2 cavities...which I know being a dental hygienist, she shouldn't...I know what happened...I am guilty....go ahead and charge me. She should do well...I am more nervous about this next visit than her....she will remain oblivious until she needs to know. Love did very well, she sat in the chair and let them brush her little teeth and then she wanted up...but it is a great start.
Early childhood dentistry is sooo important to me. I have a mom who is a big baby (she will agree) about going because of what was done to her while she was a child. I take my kids to the best pediatric dentist in town...I did my research...but we pay dearly for it. Luckily Big Daddy has pretty good dental insurance so that $800 bucks I dropped should make it's way back least most of it. Still totally worth it...totally :)

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