Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Wow! Folks...it is stinkin' cold...not like oh, I need a coat cold but like oh, I need several coats, a hat, mittens and a scarf cold...25 degrees today without the windchill...wow! Around here it just doesn't happen real often and considering it was almost 80 on Sunday...well, like I said...It's cold!

The girls have come to discover the delicious warmth of a mug of hot chocolate. Love's first mug was so much fun to watch. Here is the progression....

Loving the independence of a "glass" mug
Savoring each spoonful
The work comes in play when you actually want to get it into your mouth Uh-oh...this is a bit messy
Wet or not...hot chocolate is fun! Especially when you share it with your sister :)

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