Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Program...take 1

So, last night was Hope's Christmas program at church. She did wonderful. She even made it up on the big screen...a few times I might add. All I could think when I saw her is what an angel she was...just prettiest, sweetest thing. (warning my distance/flash made for crummy photos)
She sang Joy to the World, O Come All Ye Faithful, Mary's Boy Child and Silent Night. She remembered almost all of her motions and I noticed a few times where she changed the on Joy to the World she sang (according to my keen lip reading skills) Let every heart prepare him food..instead of room. Funny.Big Daddy was selected to "help" during an activity for the children. They had all the kiddos 12 and under line up and they made the two men put on shirts with slashes in them. Each kid would come through and stuff a candy cane in a slot, around an ear, up a nose (Uncle Kev got it good second service), on finger, etc. They were covered in candy canes. It was a lot of fun for us adults to watch and for the kids to compete to see who could get the most to stay. Oh, and Santa was there too. Fun!
The program was really good. I have a favorite part...other than that of my own child singing. It was something called the "Cardboard Ministry". Probably 20 or 30 of our own members would appear holding their cardboard sign up during Amazing Grace revealing who they were pre Jesus. Like here are some examples: ashamed of abortion, exotic dancer, alcoholic, bondage in p*rnography, molested/raped, raised by drug addicted parents, died on meth and sooo, sooo many more. They were all very powerful. Then after about 10 seconds they would flip it over and it would reveal who they were in Christ like: His mercy and grace are enough, clothed in his majesty, sober since 2-12-2004 through Him, Healed by the Healer, my life addicted to Christ, raised by Christ. Well, you get the picture. POWERFUL! Made me cry all three times...including the run through. Jesus is just it...the coolest ever! It was even more powerful to me because all though we have been members here for a while, I didn't necessarily know all of these things, it just makes you appreciate these lovely people to share so much, so personal, and then give all the glory to God!

We've been busy....we did take the kids to see Santa at the local bread shop. They have a free Santa picture with cinnamon toast, milk and donuts! Yum! I managed one more year of all my kids in the photo. I know the two older ones could have done without it but it is my gift every year from them. Even though it is free...I still love it. I'd love it even more if it were a family photo, maybe next year.
Y'all doing lots of shopping, baking and gift wrapping? No? Us either. But we did pay off our truck...woo hoo! We had an unexpected gift...well actually we were apart of that gas lease here in town and our street happened to be one of the one's that didn't get completed before they pulled the plug. We made it under the wire....what a huge blessing! We made a good dent in a couple of other bills...I am seeing the light y'all...Carol Ann...come into the light....oh, boy. My age is showing now. :)

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