Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Favorite Gift Yet....

*Pictures soon...the camera battery is dead...again :(

Well, we had Christmas with my mother and father in law. Which at this point they are my second set of parents...they've been putting up with me for well over 17 years. It was fun! We had an adult gift exchange and we totally won! I know some of you think you won...we walked away with a Mama's Pizza (my absolute favorite!!) gift card...Aunt Ju Ju...you were thinking of me, right? I have a feeling she just wanted to buy me a gift ;) I had to steal it from Paw Paw though...I know, I know...but he still loves me anyway. He ended up with our St*rbucks card...so Paw Paw...if you head to the coffee shop and need some company, I know a few Harris gals who'd love to join ya! Oh, and the hubs had some great gifts too but whined a little and his big Sis totally gave him the Olive G*rden gift card. She has been known to spoil her little brother...a lot. We also came home with one of her tins of her homemade peanut brittle...y'all believe me when I say it is the BEST in this world...I don't even like peanut brittle and I eat hers like it was making me skinny or somethin'.

The kids opened gifts and had such a good time. Hope ended up with her Spiderman watch and a sweatshirt to boot...she won't take the stinkin' watch off...it is 11:33 at night and she insists on wearing it. I have a feeling the sweatshirt will make an appearance in the morning. I had to hide it to keep her from putting it on the first thing through the door.

Anyway, so back to the title. My favorite gift yet....the Good Card from Matt and Heather, my nephew and his wife. It was so much fun! Do y'all know about this and I am the only one out of the loop? It is a donation they made and we log in to the website and choose our charity and redeem our gift card for the donation. It is the coolest ever. I wish I'd thought of it. The Good Card has tons and tons of charities to choose from and you can be specific in your search or very general. I have some favorites that I support and lo and behold they were there!!

So, our donation went to Love Without Boundaries. Thank you so much Matt and Heather for the super fun gift and how fun is was to re-gift...and this re-gifting is totally politically correct. For those of you who know nothing about Love Without Boundaries...here is their mission statement and programs:

Our mission is to provide care for orphaned and impoverished children in China. We provide life changing surgeries, education sponsorships, healthy nutrition, and the chance to experience love in a foster home.
Medical - over 1500 surgeries performed Education - over 300 orphans receiving help Nutrition - over 650 orphans served Foster Care - over 300 orphans being placed Orphanage Supplies - cribs, playrooms, etc
Now this may not mean a hill of beans to you but being a mommy of two beautiful children from China...it means more than you can imagine. To know there are volunteers that dedicate their lives to serving the children that still wait...beyond being completely selfless it is the work of the Lord, they are using our resources to love on these sweet babies and be servants to these precious, precious children.
Thanks again Matt and Heather...you just fed a hungry child/children or provided a surgery to a child in desperate need of medical attention or gave the child a family to love him or her. What a beautiful gift. Love you guys!!

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