Monday, December 22, 2008

What's Been Goin' On....

K, so the last time we talked it was Big Daddy's birthday....what a blast that was! Bambi and Paw Paw took us out for dinner at one of Big Daddy's favorite in town pizza joints. He loved it, he always talks about how NEVER gets to go there. But hey, it is his day, right? So the kids and I took one for the team and joined him...not bad...but still ultra and smoke...uh, not the combination I want. We had Bambi, Paw Paw, our family, Aunt Ju Ju's family, and my parents all there to celebrate. Thanks Bambi and Paw Paw...what a great night!Love this pic of Faith and Bella...Bella's smile stinkin' cracks me up!!

Anyway, I told Big Daddy we'd still go out to eat for his birthday at his favorite more expensive (at least to us) to Outback. My parents ended up going with us and, guess what...they totally treated us to the meal. Wow! Thanks MiMi and Grumpy!! Needless to say, although it was Big Daddy's birthday our whole family enjoyed all the perks....way to go man...getting born and all. Ha!

So, that same morning Hope had her Christmas program and party. She did so well. She is just a really easy going kid when it comes to performing...not too worried about it but does well anyway. I love that! She sang about 4 songs and was part of the living nativity. I have some fairly good pics but they include too many other children...I tried cropping them out...just not the same.

Hope was an angel for the performance...beautiful girl.

They had a puzzle exchange for the gift giving in class. Hope racked up. Apparently the little girl who brought the puzzle didn't pass the $5.00 limit off to her mom. There is no possible way Hope's puzzle book (many, many puzzles in one book) would have met that limit. One funny part is the teacher had all the kiddos sit in a circle with the gift they brought. She played music and they passed them in a circle when it was time to open the gifts..all the kids went crazy wanting their own gift back to open. She said it happens every year...our Hope...well, she was one of the few totally open to the new gift...she really didn't like our puzzle. It is harder than you think to buy a 20-24 piece puzzle the morning of a party under $5.

The new puzzle

A few days later we had Christmas with my grandma Totsie and my Dad's side of the family. They are always fun to be around never a dull moment...someone has something to say or there is my own Hope...she will keep things moving...even when you are ready for her to stop...she just keeps on keeping on. She cracks me up. I am not sure everyone shares my feelings on this but she is just funny. Unfortunately usually loud and funny. The loud is not so good. Especially when the adult men and my grandma are watching the football game. My cousin's husband is looking fabulous I might add and seems to be back to his spry little self. Cutting up and story telling like the good 'ole days. He is on a break from chemo right now and seems to be really enjoying the breathing room...not going to chemo everyday...can you even imagine how huge that is? I am so happy their family is getting in some good quality time...they deserve it :)

K and Faith playing with the new nerf guns

My cousin's children...K and M...such cute kids...can't help it...did you notice Totsie's it!

Anyway, the kids totally racked up and Big Daddy and I did too. My grandmother always gives us adults clues to find our gift. It is a lot of fun. I totally got most of her clues this year. We got money for new furniture and a new dvd/vcr combo. Why the combo you ask? Because most of our home movies thus far on vhs...and I am too lazy to move them over because eventually that form will become obsolete too. I know it isn't good sense...but it's mine.

Mi Mi and Hunter

I have had a few questions about Faith's blog...well, she's been grounded. Remember those rules she loves that her Dad has? Well, she likes testing them quite a bit too. She is her father's daughter...ha! Hopefully she will return soon or at least in the next few weeks. Faith and Baby Jace...such a little sweetheart. She loves him so much!

Well, that is about it...oh wait...we closed on our new house this past Friday!! Who doesn't want to move right after Christmas? Oh and we had so much fun sealing grout on Sunday after church. Grout sealer is one of the few things we have always talked about but never followed through with...I am so excited to see how long our grout actually stays the right color. We bought the 20 year sealer...hopefully it will look as nice then as is it does now.

So there will much to share over the next few days...hopefully I can stay on top of much is lost in this brain of mine even in a matter of hours much less days.

The Christmas traffic and crowds are very apparent now. The hustle and bustle of the holiday has definitely kicked in. I hope that we continue to take it all in. I mean to really savor the reason for Christmas, another very special birthday of a precious baby named Jesus. Although we like pizza and Outback steak nothing even compares to the gift Jesus has given my family. He has given us life. Eternal life. Abundant life. Now that my friends is worthy of celebrating!

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