Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Random...

Hey Y'all!

Not a lot happening here today other than:

*visiting the Washateria to dry 4 dryer loads of clothing...did I mention that our dryer went out? Well, it is in the repair shop (my Dad's friends house), hopefully it will be fully functional soon. I've been leaving clothes at Mom's and picking them up but it got out of hand quickly.

*Went to T*rget to get gloves and mittens...ended up with two coats...for kids I wasn't even buying does that happen?

*Went to Old N*vy to do the same, still didn't get it done.

*Went to W*lmart...purchases completed...along with a brand new bag of 2T panties...oh, did I not tell you about that? I know... it can seem like too much info, but it is just such an important time of childhood and parenthood for that matter.

*Ok, go with me is going to get to the point but I must give you the background 411. I shop at a local owned grocery store. They hire teens and early 20s men and women as their grocery baggers. They all seem to have some learning disabilities and probably did attend the special education program in school. I LOVE that store for this reason...not their rising prices or the fact they just started carrying wine/ Anyway, back to the story I am usually very patient and overlook the fact that my bread is placed under my frozen goods or that my chips come home in the shape of small splinters instead of actual chips because of the sodas that went on top of them. But yesterday, one specific employee...his face would light a room...just so stinkin' happy to be there...well, he put my $2.50 per pound tomatoes under 6 cans of soup and my bread and eggs under a roast and my other produce and then placed my 5 pound bag of potatoes on top of that....I felt that twinge of 'for goodness sakes!' rising up in me, never to be spoken aloud but haven't we all learned...what is thought is just like it was said...that God can see my heart anyway. At that very time Love needed to go to the know what...I got it...I thought...Lord, I totally deserve to be knee deep in toilet training. I need it more than Love does. maybe I lost you during this but to me it was felt huge...huge and convicting...I am still ashamed of myself for letting tomatoes, bread and eggs bother least I have tomatoes, bread and eggs...right?

*Ate dinner with my mom and ma-ma with my girls at Chick-Fil*. Love that place...if you ask Hope her most favorite restaurant, she will tell you the Chick every single time! Went back later and bought the milkshakes...just in the mood I guess. The peppermint one was not so great...ours was a milkshake in every sense of the word...apparently the ice cream was not working properly(according to the employee) was way liquidy. Not good. But the cookies n cream one the girls had was not liquidy at does that happen? My favorite person is this one lady who works there...she always says "My pleasure" no matter what I ask for...a spoon, a dish of ice cream, a meal, a refill...the teenagers don't say it so I don't think it is procedure. Gosh, I am random tonight.

*Love made a potty break at all locations including a T*co Bell(that we didn't eat at). She is still doing well. In fact, I already put her in a diaper for bed and she came and got me to tell me she needed to go again...and did! What a big girl :)

*My boys are out of town, again...hunting...I feel like a widow, a hunter's widow sometimes...but that's not funny is it? I am going to the movies tomorrow when they get home...or shopping...if our tree produces money in the morning. Any suggestions? I am thinking about the new Reese W!therspoon one, gotta read up on it first.

*My boys have my camera or else you'd be seeing a photo of Love in her diaper with her panties on top, on backwards that she put on...with her caboose hanging out of the panties...because it just won't slide on over it easy and she gave up. She is not happy about going to bed in a all.

*Hope informed us she wanted a Spiderman watch for Christmas. MiMi told her no those are for boys...Hope quickly replied..."Oh yes I am going to get it...I am gonna tell Santa and he'll get it for me" I am not sure where she got this mentality. We really don't talk about Santa a whole lot at our fact, if you ask her about Christmas she'll tell you about Jesus. Sure she knows who he is and he brings toys but it's not the big deal it was to me as a kid.

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