Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a Day!

Can I just be completely honest here? I am body is tired, my brain is tired....I am old. This potty training is kicking my tail. Every time Love squirms, looks strange, holds an unusual posture in addition to no less than every 30 minutes I have made potty runs....literally. Love did so well today. No diapers all day. We went out to lunch with my sister and mom...she used the public toilet...wrapped nicely in paper, thank you. And then later at the grocery store...we made a visit to the ladies room there too. So, she is doing this thing...for now. I noticed she doesn't completely empty her bladder. Which is perfectly fine...we'll get it. Only two pretty wet accidents...the other few she stopped mid-flow and finished once we made, I am beyond surprised.

I trained our older girls in a week or less and we just stuck around the is a full time job, to me anyway. Love went on many errands today all the while wearing her little Dora panties. Y'all should see her in her is the cutest stinkin' thing...J-Lo ain't got nothing on my baby girl.

She is doing so good....and she is so proud of her big girl self. I love it! She'll let out a big "Woo Hoo!" with both arms up in the air once she's done. Just too cute ;0)

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